Discover the Milan Walk of Fame

Milan must be discovered with curious eyes: the city hides fascinating views that deserve to be known, such as the Walk of Fame. The capital of Milan is like that. To the eyes able to look beyond, it gives so much and allows itself with all its charm. Did you know, for example, that Milan has its way of celebrities, like Los Angeles? I talk about it in this post.

Inaugurated in 1992, the Walk of Fame in Milanese sauce owes its birth to the famous “Notte dei Telegatti”. If you were born in the 1980s or 1990s, you know what I am talking about: it is the competition, organized by the weekly “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni”, which annually awards programs and the best characters of the television season.

Were readers of the weekly to vote and the winners were awarded the statuette called Telegatto. The cat is one of the pet animals par excellence and was chosen for this reason to symbolically represent the home and family aspect of the television set and its beniamin.
The Walk of Fame stands where once the editorial staff of “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni” was located, which in 2004 moved from Milan to Rome. A curiosity: in each tile – in addition to the signature and the cast of the hands of the stars – the outline of a small Telegatto is also imprinted, symbol of the famous competition whose last edition was broadcast in 2009.
The VIPs of the Milan Walk of Fame
The stars of the show and the cinema who left their imprint imprinted on the cement are many: from Sophie Marceau to Patrick Swayze, passing by Sharon Stone, Kirk and Michael Douglas, Sophia Loren, Sylvester Stallone, Francis and Sofia Coppola, Angela Lansbury ( the mythical ‘Lady in Yellow’), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tony Curtis.

Among the Italians, you can see the cast of hands by Pippo Baudo and that of the famous couple Raimondo Vianello and Sandra Mondaini. The latter is among the illustrious Milanese of this street of celebrities: born and disappeared in the capital of Milan, as a child she lived in Via Teodosio, in the north-eastern quarter of Città Studi.


The current situation
The Milan Walk of Fame is not particularly valued and, although it is located in a very central area, it remains unknown to most. As often happens, the protest comes from below: citizens try to network to give visibility and protect this hidden corner of the city. On Facebook the committee is born Save the Walk of Fame, aimed at safeguarding this area and find the dedicated blog online: discover it here.

Where is the Milan Walk of Fame?
Did you get the curiosity to discover the Milan Walk of Fame? To admire it, reach the Duomo: from the most representative square of the city is less than 10 minutes on foot. Enter on your smartphone the address Corso Europa 5 or Largo Corsia dei Servi 21: this is where the Milanese celebrity sidewalk is located.

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