Discovering Bagan – beautiful land like a God (part3)

“The biggest”, “the most beautiful”, “the most perfect”¬†and “the most intact” are the phrases that visitors comment on Ananda Tahto Temple built by King Kyansittha in 1090. Unique from the temple walking path, decorated with paintings continuous ceramic paintings, depicting the vestiges of Buddha’s life.

We walked on the smooth, cool paving stones of more than 1,000 years ago and pictured monks in red robes walking in one of the smoking halls under the soaring temple dome. The four sides of the temple are large and intricate teak windows. Four standing Buddha images, 9.5 meters high. 400 years ago, the two eastern and western Buddha statues were burnt, having to be replaced with a different version. Locals say that, if visitors stand near the offering box, placed in front of the south Buddha image, his face looks sad. And when he backed away, the Buddha’s face would smile a little.

The sun began to shine west, the useless guy took us to Shwesandaw Pagoda – a charming white pyramid. From all streets, buses, taxis, bicycles, motorbikes, horse carriages and pedestrians rushed to the base of the tower. This is the most famous sunset spot in Bagan. In the cloud of white dust, a convoy of red horse-drawn carriages walked under green trees and magnificent brown brick temples and pagodas.

The scene only exists in mythological movies. Gathered on the walls of the tower were colorful skin (white, yellow, brown, black), the language (English, French, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese – of course) resembled that of the Babylon tower. Hundreds of large and small camera lenses point to one side, like an international press conference where the interviewee is the sun setting over a mountain far away. And then finally, the moment the sun descended in the middle of the top of the temple before him, radiant, solemn as the halo above Buddha’s head.

The sunset was off, the horse carriage continued to pull together. We praised Myanmar for being very beautiful, proudly proud young man: “Especially Bagan!”. We asked him what he sang this morning? He replied – it is an ancient Myanmar song about two people who love each other, apart from each other because of misunderstandings. We asked to continue singing, he said: “Embarrassing!”. When my companion girlfriend sang “Ly Thuong together”, “Through the wind and fly”, the little brother was no longer embarrassed.

He continued to sing songs about the beautiful country of Myanmar, about the brave Bagan who went to Mount Topa to get flowers for the king … The second mistake, our biggest mistake in Bagan, was to invite him to the room. gum. Since then I can’t sing anymore! We ask him what money he will do? He said, “Will buy a lot of rice!”. He dreams of becoming a restaurant owner so he doesn’t have to ride a chariot.

I sincerely pray for him to have his own food shop and silently regret for the visitors after me: They will not be with him Aye Naind the sidelong reclining on the horse-drawn carriage, roaming the dusty road under the shade of trees in the late afternoon and hear him sing old, slow Myanmar songs of love and longing between the age of high-speed Internet and fast food!

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