This is the story that I have published for a foreign newspaper. A billionaire while dying in his hospital bed called the editor-in-chief of a newspaper, offering to pay $ 10 million to get a journalist’s card. The editor-in-chief agreed.

Holding the card in his hand, the billionaire breathed his last breath. The editor-in-chief said, “I am very curious. I don’t know why you would lose $ 10 million in exchange for a journalist card for nothing.”

The billionaire replied, “Oh, it’s nothing! After I die, the world will say, “Oh, so this world has lost a journalist!”

The author of this funny story is a world famous journalist. Only those who know the power of the press dare to joke with themselves like that. “The strong are the ones who mock themselves!” Socrates said.

The famous
In 1997, Vinashin was emerging as a hero on stage. In the middle of the chorus of chanting, there was a lost voice: “Because of the growth on a mountain of debt, the foundation of Vinashin is trembling.” At the same time, many banks have announced huge profit figures, some people ring the alarm bell: The huge profit is formed on eating into the prosperity and efficiency of the rest. back in the economy. Who are they? – Journalist! People with the talent, the sensitivity to see through the nature of problems before they fester over time.

They feel the breath of the hot era in events that have occurred long ago and hear powerful echoes of the past in the events that have just appeared. The habit of seeing the case in many ways tells them: Foreign investment creates jobs and contributes to development. However, relying heavily on foreign investment, a country will fail to build its globally competitive businesses. And they were social alarming themselves: Interest groups were going astray into the “baby dream”, where greed only nurtured short-term thoughts, did not see the country’s big problems.

Not only in macroeconomic matters, people are found by journalists everywhere, including in … zoos, when people eat or even block animal diets. Exposing evil – the fundamental achievement of progressive theory – is their mission.

With courage, the journalist turned the sheets to cover up the source of the ignorant assets of many corrupt officials. They argue with an education that engulfs students with trivial knowledge and big and magical things that are not useful to students and society. If the vast forests are falling under the saw blades of the loggers, the rivers are polluted, the water is like hepatitis, they will express their gratitude to the journalists.

Today, they stand on the front lines fighting the distorting allegations, distorting the history of the “golden friend” to protect the homeland islands. When doing that, the journalist became famous.

Fame gives them soft power. Their words were heard and believed by the people and officials. Because famous journalists never write untrue. Although life is not the same as 1 + 1 = 2, sometimes truth is formed by accident, risk, fate.

And the notoriety
It is also common for rare journalists to dislike the brand or the popularity. Especially when experiencing the addictive taste of having an effect on the fate of others.

However, branding is an art to grasp, not something that can capture jerks. And being a journalist brand is not about polishing a crude image like putting red lipstick on the lips of a roast pig.

To have a brand, journalists must be born with talents and a period of years of life and death with the profession. However, in the era of fast food (fast food), some journalists really want to be famous quickly. They always want to be who they don’t know what they do. What is certain is that they do not like the breed or are unable to make a hard-working bear looking for honey.

I have met journalists who have never opened a book beyond the cover. In addition to being more blunt, they are far behind journalists in the past about how to put a period, a comma – the basis of pen writing.

Because knowledge is as thin as a dragonfly’s wings, they often get stuck in trying to show off and or fall in love with non-existent issues. For example, they panic because the dog of a rich man gets lost, or is excited when he took a picture of the inner shirt of a third-class singer who slipped out while screaming. “Steal, kill, rape” is their gold mine topic. The irony is that these journalists often misunderstand their roles.

They often think that they are very important. In a cafe, in a crowded place, they never stop talking, bragging about how many “guys” have died if they are male journalists, or they never sit with their legs closed, can grip them coin between 2 knees if they are female journalists.

The important inferiority complex makes them easy to self-respect. They often quarrel with security guards, because they think these people do not appreciate their value. Those who make them lose their heart, they boil, seeking revenge. They will scour the body, search for sins just like the mother monkey searches for lice, stripped the hair. When they found it, they swung the pen as loudly as Shandong martial artists to sell drugs in the market, so that “you” had to know who “I” was, regardless of whether the audience deserved it or not. Equity for them is a sense of liking or not, not fixed standards that can be measured.

However, these journalists are easy to soften before money. They only see what the money wants them to see. Hand-held money they wrote articles based solely on evidence that was not beyond the threshold of suspicion. Yet they are not afraid to infer, take hats, criticize.

To protect themselves from the lawsuits, they use questionable phrases: “Affordable?”, “Maybe?”. They often quibble in a “damn not swear” way or that “journalists have the right to express their opinions.” But they must know the journalist has no right to the truth. Lincoln, President of the United States, said: “Even if you call the horse’s tail the foot, the horse has only four legs, because the tail is never the foot!” will see no less than 1 smelly past. It’s sad when people call their names and their nicknames “hungry,” “dirty.”

The rapid development of the information technology industry has pushed journalism into a serious crisis, especially paper newspapers.

True journalists always write the paper under the motto: “Remember you are writing the newspaper for people smarter than you read!” If you write nonsense, gossip, not to mention distorting the truth, then the possibility of you being Read disdain, the government refused to cooperate became evident.

Society still values and appreciates true journalists and is also concerned about the rapid proliferation of notorious journalists.

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