You know, they say, they talk about it. Yet when you see it with your eyes you feel “bad” too!
Going to Sweden brings to us Italians a loving awareness: the Middle Ages, in some respects, is relative. Much relative is the discomfort that attracts when listening to “how do you live in Sweden”. What laws, such as rules, such as differences with Italy.
The basic reason is as follows: in Sweden the State is there, and it is actually at the service of the citizen. And not the other way around.
And so here’s why the thought of going to live seemed inevitable.
1. Maternity or paternity
Here we really divide what we call maternity fairly. The law stipulates that both the father and the mother are at home, even though they do not force them to do so, but provide for the practice. And yes, practice is a common thing and it does not make any clamor or surprise.
2. Length of maternity
ONE YEAR AND 4 MONTHS. Salary paid to the employee (we said we could also be the father to stay at home) total. For a year and four months (and come back and still find their desk with lots of dolls left on …).
3. Support for each child born
For the first child, the state provides support to the family of 1050 crowns per son and UP TO 16 YEARS. We talk about 115 euros each month for 16 years.
And if the second or third are born too? Even for them and even more as the expenses increase.
4. Child Illness
Parents (or father or mother) have contracted 60 days a year in which they can stay at home for CHILD illness (comment alone).
5. Does your father’s joys?
Other than food wars, insecurity, and fierce litigation! There is the state! If the woman finds herself alone with her children since her father has run away and does not intend to pay (or see) her children? The state gives the mother food. (State, yes).
6. Health free up to 20 years
Children do not pay for medical expenses. Dentists included. Children up to 20 years. Anything. Nothing. Zero. (But it seems fake no?).
7. Adult Health Care
First visits or first examinations are paid, but after the figure of 1100 crowns (about 120 euros), they pay nothing. That is, there is a maximum roof: who really is bad, well … It helps the state. (Always him, the State).
8. Unemployment
The state does not pay anything to the unemployed for the first two months because it is supposed to look for another job, but after the first two months it pays 65/75% of the last salary earned for ONE YEAR. Then the money goes down.
9. Illness is also paid to those who have VAT
The first week no, but afterwards also who has got VAT, he has the right to get sick and the state pays his illness.
10. Sustainability is not a slogan
80% of citizens’ waste is used for gas.
Obviously all this support is possible because the citizens themselves pay a lot of taxes in Sweden, so they themselves pay for health, illness, the right to have children, and the right to have someone who provides you when you get sick ? Or, a state? Demoralizing for us the comparison, however, happens. And only 3 hours flight.

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