Foreword: At times I loved going to the sea. By that time I hated the mountain. At that time I felt wonderful spending a few days at the beach lying on a beach with her boyfriend. To say it all the time, I thought even at the end of a boyfriend, but here I go out of the way!
Young and twenties (this time the age is precise because certain “things” are always more attentive if they are younger).
He is very talented and in love (but he is already incredibly spoiled because certain “things” never change).
After convincing my boyfriend to go to Morocco on a journey (translate, which I believe was never really convinced), he decides to use a parity principle for choosing the new holiday (which I do not understand where these things come from ideas …). And since the trip to Morocco I chose “totally” myself (now, “totally”, it seemed to him that he had participated), he plays his card and decides to choose HIM.
And what do you choose? (With disarming originality): “Let’s go to the sea! Caribbean. ”
At first I did not speak.
“I’ve seen an offer for ten days in the French Antilles, Saint Martin … We’re going to Paris.”
My answer was, “But how beautiful do we go from Paris?”
Now, of course, I should have felt some alarm when Paris seemed to me the most interesting detail of her proposal. But in times of democracy it tends to fit and therefore, despite my acceptance, I accept it.
As far as you can love the sea, however much you can love relaxation and how much you can love a human being, I think 10 days on an island of magnitude of 87 km2 are really too many for anyone!
Saint Martin has the peculiarity of being split between the French (north) and the Dutch (south) part, but despite the fact that it encloses two nations in such a limited space, in the actual, great events do not reserve.
Another wonder that maybe it should be said … Being such a wonderful place and known for its beaches and its waters and dream scenery, according to you, how was there an offer?
Simple. The offer period was SEPTEMBER! That is, the classic and usual period of typhoons, hurricanes and so on in the Caribbean.
So here’s the chronology of a holiday in Saint Martin that can undermine any relationship to two. In my opinion, there is also a twenty-year friendship!
1 day
“Ah that beautiful, but that splendid sea, but that deserted beaches. A dream place. ”
2nd day
Warm absurd, sun pounding on the head, palms with the shadow? I have not seen half and then what do I do? … I throw myself in the water.
I would like to have a slide of that moment because I still, today, feel the water of Saint Martin the HOTEST that I have ever felt on the skin in the sea! Warm as that of the shower, the bathtub, hot as hot water!
(I saw a tear on his face …).
3rd day
Take the car and make the island tour. Stage in every beach …
After two hours we had gone all the way. In order to make the holiday a little more alive, the car keys (dated, and then not electronic) are closed in the car. Alias: it was to split the glass to start again … But I do not know why, he did not even bother.
My Saint Martin’s revival project: failed!
4th day
Start of “summer” thunderstorms. All day. We are in the room, we turn, we talk and still we are in love!
Time passes…
Day 5
The storms that are more than typhoons are going on. I collapse. Inside the room, I beg you half-weeping to take me away from that island … “But where do you want to go that we’ve paid for everything now?”
In Paris! “Please take the flight to Paris and finish the holiday there, I need to do something, I feel like I die, please do not quit it anymore and turn off that dick of television that watching TV is at my home” …
6th day
Typhoon. But fortune (FOR HIM) is that … the airport has closed and no flights can arrive or depart. Blocked. We are also blocked.
I do not even speak anymore.
7th day
Still closed airport. To date I do not remember myself, I think I’ve been able to find a way to spend hours … We do not have many more in effect eh!
8th day
Back to the sun. We go out on a catamaran for excursion and for the first time I see the “barracuda”, and that was the last time I was having a bath …
Day 9
It takes me to buy souvenirs! And where? Ah well, imagine how many places could be there. Well, I would just like to point out that from that holiday where I found myself turning and looking for really impractical and expensive costumes for various friends and relatives, when, in my logic, there was NO TYPICAL TO BUY and therefore The souvenir did not make any sense, but above all, it did not make sense to lose hours for that kind of activity … Well. I have never bought souvenirs since then. Never. To nobody. (And then we do not say that the traumas that mark are just those of childhood …) .
10th day Happiness! I would like to see the photos of my smile at the airport and my joy at the airport in Paris and my total disinterest when we lost the coincidence for Italy and we were stuck in that of Charles de Gaulles (airport) for about 10 hours! I finally returned to the active, operational world, and to see all of those people seemed nice too. I travel to Italy … Saint Martin is a beautiful island yes, but that was the last holiday I chose to do with it … The principle Democratic one has some obvious gaps!

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