Foreword: I do not love weddings.
And apart from some – wonderful – cases, I’ve always been bored to marriages. Then I then realized that I simply did not have to go for strength. Beautiful to stay with friends, but some marriages are more posing than a marble statue!
“Do you know who is marrying? You will never believe it, trust me, this does not bite it “(and then tell me right away). And he was right.
In a company of about 25/30 people, we were largely unmarried or single. Yet, I did not think it possible that some of us would capitulate in such a small way (with less than 10 or 15 years of age to say). So much I expected to capitulate him.
“Why” will you ask me? Because he is an engineer, I answer you!
But … A movie story.
3 years ago, he, my engineer friend, goes to celebrate his 40th birthday with all the other guys in the company. Where? In Warsaw. I? At home!
“Sir, we’re 13 men, but do you think we’re taking you too? But do you do it? “(Always said that male friends educate you properly).
During that weekend of pure delusion (I guess I saw that I was not there), she meets her, Polish and resident in Warsaw.
Now! Seriously.
Who would ever think that a fortuitous meeting – in a disco – abroad – in the evening celebrating a 40th – between males (that calling them men in those situations seems too much stuff) can result in a wedding ???
Wedding in Warsaw!
Well, my friend got married! In Warsaw! (Distant love does not work ???).
And I could not wait to attend the wedding to be able to witness this super-romantic, live story. And I can enjoy my company to the fullest because since I came to Romagna, the occasions to live and see them are really few!
20 years of friendship are not touched and they are definitely an important part of my life …
Manu and I … Friends of a lifetime!
But let’s come to the conclusion that if I stay in tenderness, I will be again dazed by my friends.
Have you ever been to a wedding in Warsaw?
I did not believe it, but maybe some things I wanted to know right away … Type:
1. There are Poles in Warsaw.
2. It is said that the poles are (slightly) puffy, but when you arrive on site you will have the confirmation that not only is it said. That’s right.
3. If you go to Warsaw with your companion, you will understand why points 1 and 2 are the same and you will not ask, “So then? You know that discovery … “, but you will take advice from my (veiled) warnings.
4. In church women can wear dresses with their backs and shoulders uncovered. The customs, albeit catholic, I would say that they are different in clothing (the detail I noticed with friends and the morose … Say I have to thank him ???).
5. Tradition wants the bride and groom to open dance with a dance! But not improvised eh! Ask my friend how happy he was to get 2 months dance lessons to do that dance … (Oh, love).
6. When you sit at the table with God’s well-being and no dish to serve you may fall into confusion. And since we spent an entire night wondering how and when to eat those appetizers I unveil the trick: they are not appetizers, but intra-meals (as Teo has wisely said). They should eat between dinner and dinner … And the dish is served only when the first dinner is over, pending the second.
7. From 18.30 to 3.00 at night was served food for a total of about 4 dinners? I lost my bill.
8. At the 1st night, upon arrival of the third dinner, some symptoms of sagging could come …
9. The Poles if they dance to big, disfigure in front of their dancing is definitely capable of a moment, in my case a lost game from the beginning.
10. The big bottle is vodka, water instead is in those small ones … And when a friend will even come to compliment you: “Smile, write really well”, you will thank the heart of the Friendship with all your heart … and Polish vodka!
(Thank you Angi! Thank you friends and thank you for this wonderful movie weekend!)

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