It is after an arrival under a gray sky along the shores of the Black Sea that we make a first stop at the FIAT garage in Rize. We have to change the left ball joint again, the repair carried out in Bishkek did not hold; the part was not original. We are going to experience a first nice warm welcome, enough to motivate us to plan our itinerary.

After a first night by the sea, we stop in Trabzon, a pretty little town on the heights overlooking the sea but not facilitating traffic. First contacts with the population and especially first and excellent kebab! Hazelnuts are on all the stalls and the walk in the Bedesten bazaar reminds us of the atmosphere of the bazaars of Iran. We feel good and we decide to visit the monastery of Sümela. The environment is pleasant but unfortunately after climbing the steps a little difficult, we pay the entrance to the monastery to discover scaffolding! Like any good Frenchman, we laugh at everything and a friendly Turkish joins us in our disappointment! We continue the road after this beautiful warm-up in the direction of Divriği. The night arriving we decide to join an Ioverlander spot. Arrival at dusk, Chris is tired and a bad maneuver will make us sleep in a rather original way! You will judge by the photos .

But finally we also rest while being wobbly! After multiple attempts to get out of our dire situation, a Turk comes to our aid. After a few minutes, they find the solution and here we go again:) We reach the city of Divriği at the end of the day and we discover a sublime village and especially its great hospital mosque. Despite the work which should be finalized in mid-January 2020, the finesse of the sculptures on the doors of this great mosque amazes us and the contact with the rural population sublimates this trip.

We continue the road and we swallow the kilometers for a majestic site this time. Certainly one of our best Infinitrip memories, the site of Nemrut Dagi at more than 2000 m. Located at the top of the Eastern Taurus, it is a temple tomb built by the Hellenistic king Antiochos 1st of Commagene to his own glory. Going up, we discover colossal statues that the light of the sun will simply sublimate and offer us a unique spectacle in the heart of a mountain space dominating the Euphrates river. The road is magnificent, very winding with steep climbs to delight bikers and we really do not regret these long days of riding.

Our friends the Vantastic World having made us laugh with a video, we realize that we too can lead Orbis to Batman! So to reach Mardin, we cross Batman and Best before landing for a nice bivouac on the banks of the Tigre Dicle river.

We visit the charming troglodyte town of Hasankeyf which is undergoing major renovations, suggesting a future museum town. We finalize our first week in Turkey by Mardin where we find a bivouac in the course of a friendly Turkish. He gives us lots of advice to understand our discovery of this wonderful city on the borders of Syria.

Taking stock of this first week, we can see that we rode a lot in overwhelming heat. Indeed, arriving at the famous Cappadocia, we record our kilometric record over a week, a small 1284 km!

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