“Stay at home” at The Pentago Bay

The Pentago Bay riverside compound townhouse, invested by SeaHoldings, was recently introduced to the real estate market with the yacht experience program at The Pentago Bay Marina. Let infinitrip.info outline through this fascinating super project.

The project has a total area of ​​​​nearly 5 hectares with 250 modern Singapore-style townhouses, and construction density is only 50%, of which The Pearl River Park is 5,400m2 wide, stretching over 170m along Vam Co Dong River. In particular, The Pentago Bay also gives residents superior living values ​​by owning endless space, unlimited views, and eco-life, home resort.

SeaHoldings leaders and guests experience The Pentago Bay yacht.

According to a representative of SeaHoldings, when developing The Pentago Bay, the company’s leadership oriented this as an ecological urban project that brings health and an endless source of vitality to residents here. Vam Co Dong River and The Pearl River Park are nearly 5,500m2 wide as a perfect symphony creating a fresh and green atmosphere for the entire residential area.

People’s lives in the present time, health issues are being put on top when global warming, air pollution, epidemics become more and more serious. Living in a place with high green coverage and coolness next to the river like at The Pentago Bay helps residents always feel refreshed, healthy, and increase life expectancy. In addition, facilities such as basketball court, outdoor sports area, jogging track, cycling track at the park and swimming pool at Clubhouse on the premises of The Pentago Bay always create favorable conditions to stimulate residents. increase movement, thereby improving physique, and increase resistance.

It is also The Pearl River Park and its location along the Vam Co river that have created the values ​​of endless space for The Pentago Bay compound. All residents can comfortably enjoy endless views and use the park and river space for yachting, canoeing, relaxing fishing, kite flying, and artistic photography on the boats. Vong Canh Bridge… It is worthwhile here that the ownership of the space will exist forever, because the piers and marinas of the project have been allowed by law and in the future the area across the river is the area. High-tech industry has been planned, and the height limit.

In addition to The Pearl River Park, housing and utility projects account for 50% of the construction density in the compound. The townhouses are built with the purpose of becoming part of the Green and Safe living value at The Pentago Bay. Environmentally friendly building materials used such as heat-absorbing glass and odorless paint all help to ensure the health of residents. All houses have terraces, balconies and backyards, these positions are where homeowners can freely create their own gardens to help “naturalize” and increase the aesthetics of the house. .

A real-class compound area needs a 24/7 security system and a full range of diverse utilities to serve all the living and entertainment needs of residents. The utility complex is not only diverse but also qualified to serve the upper-class lifestyle. These include Marina, Commercial – Service Building, Clubhouse, International School, Children’s Playground. These facilities have helped SeaHoldings confidently affirm the value of The Pentago Bay’s “Home Vacation”.

Stay at home, enjoy a Green and Safe life at The Pentago Bay

Currently, The Pentago Bay is being implemented on schedule both in terms of legality and project infrastructure. Items such as water supply and drainage systems, electricity and lighting, road paving, and park infrastructure have all been completed. Besides, The Pentago Bay owns the most solid legal status in the market when it fully owns a construction permit, 1/500 planning, investor recognition… All these plus its location along the Vam river Co Dong, right in the center of Ben Luc town, has significantly increased the attraction of the “Pearl of the River”. From the compound, it only takes about 30 minutes for residents to move to District 1, faster than when moving from the outer districts of the city such as Tan Phu, Binh Tan, and District 7. The Pentago Bay in the near future will become a product. The product is sought after because it is an ideal place to live for a variety of subjects from large families, young families to businessmen, experts from corporations investing in the area.

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