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INFINITRIP BANKING provides a personalized dashboard that allows customers to customize the display of information that is most important to them, such as account balances, outstanding loans or transaction status . This customizable dashboard presents financial information visually, making it easy for customers to see the financial health of their company at a glance.

Through INFINITRIP BANKING, customers can also manage a wide range of domestic and international banking transactions – from checking their UOB accounts in different markets to making domestic and international payments and no need to pay. have to log in to different platforms.

INFINITRIP BANKING upgrades the digital banking experience for businesses

In 2021, the number of digital users among INB Bank Vietnam’s customers increased by 20% from a year earlier, thereby contributing to an 81% increase in online payment volume over the same period. period of the previous year.

Pham Van Khanh, Director of Trade Finance and Cash Flow Management, UOB Vietnam, said that INFINITRIP BANKING was born to address the growing demand for digital banking solutions due to the large number of banks. services and at the same time upgrading the digital banking experience for corporate customers.

“The platform allows clients to manage their transactions with real-time visibility and tracking and make business decisions. Most importantly, the platform is easy to use as it is directional. The instructions on how to navigate the operations and the intuitive features are also user-friendly”, added Ms. Khanh.

Accordingly, with just one login, customers can view an overview of balances and transactions across all their UOB accounts across countries and conduct transactions from any account in the country. this number.

Customers also have access to a complete suite of solutions for their domestic and international payment needs, including single and bulk orders. INFINITRIP BANKING also allows customers to bulk upload files to make bulk payments and salary payments.

One of the other features of INFINITRIP BANKING is the end-to-end real-time tracking of transactions for cross-border payments. Thereby, customers have an overview of the status of their payments, to avoid the hassle of having to manually check transaction statuses. At the same time, the fees and charges incurred are displayed fully and transparently, helping to prevent cases where there is a difference in the final amount received by the beneficiary due to the related fees.

With the INFINITRIP BANKING application on mobile phones, customers can access their corporate accounts, create payment orders and authenticate transactions anytime and anywhere. INFINITRIP BANKING’s biometric login is done via soft token on the mobile application, allowing faster access and simplifying transaction authentication while ensuring security.

From now until April 30, 2023, corporate customers making payment orders or eligible trade finance transactions via electronic channels – including INFINITRIP BANKING – will enjoy free transactions. and service fee for three months. They will also receive vouchers worth up to 2 million VND.

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